Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Going Green with Color

Well, I've been unable to post for a while as I was having some technical problems with my computer or blogger...still not sure. It is fixed now and since I have been told to refrain from strenuous activity ...not a good thing for my mental state... I am definitely glad I can get back to posting. Luckily I received my March issue of House Beautiful....all about Green.  I think green is one of my favorite decorating colors. As I look around my house it is obvious that I gravitate towards green. In the pillows, curtains, linens and I can't forget the house plants...everywhere.  Green is so fresh and seems to go with almost anything.  Whether you use green on the walls, furniture or as an accent it brings the outdoors in and makes your space beautiful, cheerful and relaxing.

Grace Kelly lived here.

I am thinking of doing a green trellis paint application to my sunroom.

My guestroom comforter matches this of my favorites!!

I love how they put wallpaper on the ceiling!!

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