Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspiration from Italy

Believe me, these are just a few of about 3000 pics I took on our vacation to Italy.  I was overwhelmed by the beauty, not to mention the culture.  The Old World Architecture was amazing.  Just everywhere you looked was beauty.  It was during this trip that I truely realized
the beauty of simplicity

I have always been drawn to things from the past but, had never really given much thought to why. It wasn't until I started looking at what had inspired me to begin this blog and for a name and "niche" that I realized it is the simplicity of that which is reminiscent of the past that inspires me.

While in Italy I felt an overwhelming calm.  It was so easy to see the difference of the approach and attitude towards life.  There is a pride of history.  Old structures are not torn down and replaced by something new, they are restored to their former beauty.  If something is still working it is not thoughtlessly replaced just for the sake of having a newer, "better" version.  

Time is valuable, not because there is a need to rush but, for savoring every minute to focus on making the most of what is going on in that moment.  Outside distractions are few and enjoyment is found in gathering with friends, family or even a stranger.  Most importantly, time is not wasted on worrying about the small stuff.  It seems there, time is a way of allowing for everything to work out.  In other words, don't worry because if you wait long enough, it will all work out.  This does not appear to be something the Italians have to keep reminding themselves just is.  

I am forever grateful for the opportunity to visit Italy and I was truely inspired in more ways that I could ever express.  I am sure I will be sharing somemore pics and thoughts in the future.

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